Samkele Maseko

Image via: @NatashaN_Phiri Twitter

Watch: Samkele Maseko gets a warm welcome at his new job

Veteran journalist Samkele Maseko has reported for duty at the SABC after his resignation at eNCA erupted in a Twitter storm.

Samkele Maseko

Image via: @NatashaN_Phiri Twitter

Maseko has officially started working at SABC News as of 2 January 2020 – and boy, did he get a warm welcome that put forth the spirit of the new year. 

Maseko’s name made headlines instead of bylines in late 2019 for being unable to work out his notice period after resigning at his previous employer eNCA

Maseko was also ushered out of the building by former eNCA head of news Kanthan Pillay for deciding to cross over “to a sinking ship”.

Watch: Samkele Maseko arrives at the SABC

Video via: @NatashaN_Phiri Twitter

What can be seen in the video 

In the video posted by SABC reporter Natasha Nokuthula Phiri on 2 January, she can be heard welcoming Maseko. 

“How do you feel?” she asks. Maseko replies: “I’m good, I’m nervous” with a big smile on his face. 

Phiri asks Maseko to tell people where he is right now. He responds by saying: “Eish, I’m at the SABC, Auckland Park”.

The SABC’s headquarters are in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. 

Phiri shouts: “First day of work- yasss!”. Maseko looks excited, but also very nervous. 

Maseko dragged for resigning from eNCA 

Pillay, among other things, called Maseko a “rat” for heading to the “sinking ship” of the SABC after he resigned from eNCA amid controversy about the organisation withdrawing from covering an EFF elective conference.

This prompted Maseko to lambaste him on Twitter and reveal the alleged circumstances under which he left eNCA.

“Do you want me to speak about how you threw me out of the eNCA building like a dog who had stolen something? How you came to my desk and said I should pack my shit and follow you to HR? You are heartless and unethical by denying some a chance to serve a notice period. 

Samkele Maseko

“The disrespect you have for an African black child is appalling, you have no sense of appreciation – none whatsoever. We are not here to play politics and settle political scores with the EFF like you are doing. Busy sensoring political talk and instructing things to be taken off air. Grow up and stop being bitter,” he added. 

This started a war on social media where Pillay’s reputation was severely damaged. Pillay posted an apology, but nobody was having it. 

eNCA has since fired Pillay for mud-slinging Maseko and tarnishing the reputation of the company.