The SAMA’s have cancelled and the SAMIC has spoken out asking for government interference. Image source:

SAMA’s: SA council urges government action on Impasse

The South African Music Industry Council would like the government to interfere to bring back the SAMA’s after it was cancelled.


The SAMA’s have cancelled and the SAMIC has spoken out asking for government interference. Image source:

The South African Music Industry Council(SAMIC) is urging the government to step in regarding a problem with the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

The council expressed deep disappointment when they learned that the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) provincial government had decided to cancel the music awards.

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MEC Siboniso Duma of the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs recently made the decision after consulting with various stakeholders.

SAMIC, urge for government interference on SAMA’s cancellation

Vusi Leeuw, the Council’s president, stated, “The entire industry was let down by the decision to cancel the South African Music Awards.

While we celebrate our rugby team, the Bokke, we want our minister, who has been absent on this issue, to return to the country.

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Along with the president, we’re pushing for an urgent meeting to ensure this matter is addressed with the utmost respect and urgency it deserves.The consequences are significant.”

Some political parties questioned the wisdom of hosting such events during a period of tight budget constraints.

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Action SA spokesperson said, “How did the KZN government get to the R28 million required to host the SAMAs when the organisers of the event asked for R8m? We are not against the hosting of this event; we are against the abuse of funds by the government.”

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Reactions on social media

One user said, “Well done, Zwakele and your team and If it was political pressure applied by you to get the government to cancel the highly inflated “support” of the event, then we are proud of you for identifying and raising the alarm on the obvious attempted looting.”

Another user expressed that the cancellation could make better use of funds.

According to Duma, the actual figure was around R20 million.

“The actual amount of money that has been confirmed by Treasury and EDTEA is around R20 million before VAT.

This amount of money is based on our last consultation, as we have repeatedly stated that we have ongoing consultation,” Duma said to IOL,