Saint Lounge

US singer Akon is reportedly performing at Saint Lounge in Cape Town

Aikona! Saint charges R1m table fee to see Akon – but where is he?

Whilst Saint Lounge has advertised the exclusive performance of Akon, the US singer was nowhere to be seen on their social media accounts…

Saint Lounge

US singer Akon is reportedly performing at Saint Lounge in Cape Town

US singer Akon is currently in South Africa for a three-night tour at Saint Lounge in Cape Town. But if you’re expecting to see the star perform for a steal – given the bleak financial situation in January – you’re sadly mistaken!

The popular hotspot is hosting the entertainer from 3- 5 January – and table bookings cost up to R1 million!

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In an Instagram post earlier this week, Saint Lounge revealed that Akon would perform at their venue for three consecutive nights: 3 – 5 January.

The rapper and singer is known for multiple hit songs, including: Lonely, Beautiful and Smack That amongst many others.

But like they did on New Year’s Eve, Saint Lounge revealed an astronomical fee to see the entertainer.

While entry fees to the Harrington Street hotspot cost between R350 and R1000, the table booking packages had patrons gaping.

According to Saint, a basic table package starts at R5000 and runs all the way up to R1 million! And big spenders and “ballers,” those figures were just the “minimum spends.”

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Needless to say, social media followers were amazed at the price tags.

Mufunwagail: “I’m sure table one people be sitting with Jesus and his disciples.”

Jaydin_wp18: “If I’m paying 1mil, I at least want to feature on a song with him.”

Nathankudu: “With the money you make from the tables this time, please bring Ronaldo next.”

Theethato_: “1 million for Akon? Please respect customers. He is not Beyonce.”

Davidxwise: “Are we allowed to bring our own tables?”

Vincentsenosi: “*SARS has entered the chat*”


Meanwhile, many social media users have expressed concern that Saint Lounge was using “false advertising” to promote Akon’s performance.

Despite posting pictures and clips of their DJs and invited celebrity hosts, including the likes of Sarah Langa, Saint did not share any footage from Akon’s performance on Tuesday night.

On his own Instagram account, AKA has been silent about reportedly being in Cape Town, South Africa, or even his performance at Saint Lounge. 

The South African contacted Saint Lounge for comment – however, none was received at the time of publishing.