SA Express liquidation

Photo: Bob Adams / Wikimedia Commons

SA Express final liquidation order postponed to September

On 28 April, the SA Express was placed under provisional liquidation by virtue of an order of the South Gauteng High Court.

SA Express liquidation

Photo: Bob Adams / Wikimedia Commons

The status of the final liquidation order of SA Express has been postponed to 6 September 2020. This is according to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts document.

Once a company is in liquidation, whether final or provisional, liquidators are appointed to administer the liquidation proceedings from start to finish. 

Liquidation proceedings can take anything from six months to three years. The duration all depends on the nature and size of the estate as well as the complexity of the transactions with which the company or corporation was involved. 


On 6 February 2020, SA Express was placed under business rescue by virtue of an order of the South Gauteng High Court. On 28 April, it was then placed under provisional liquidation by virtue of an order of the South Gauteng High Court. 

On 13 May, the office of the Master of the High Court issued a certificate of appointment, appointing the following provisional liquidators; Aviwe Ntandazo Ndyamara, Kgashane Christopher Monyela, Clifford Thabang Maredi, Soria Marias and Samantha Fay Margolis-Pantellias. 


In terms of the status of the provisional liquidation, actions to date include: 

  • Informing affected parties of the provisional liquidators’ appointment; 
  • Introductory meeting with former Board and shareholder, DPE; 
  • Introductory meeting with Unions and SA Express Pilots Association; 
  • Introductory meeting with SA Express Employees Committee; and
  • Introductory meeting with creditors and leaseholders.

Reasons for supporting the application of extension: 

The joint provisional liquidators’ position regarding supporting the extension of the return date to 6 September 2020 are as follows: 

  • We are advised that the implication of a final liquidation order will result in the immediate termination of the airline licenses; 
  • The strategic view is to extend our powers in order to engage the possibilities of further funding of the airline, either by a shareholder or an equity investor; 
  • A final liquidation order, at this stage, prior to engaging a “sales or investment process” would result in the disposal of only the assets of the airline; 
  • The airline holds two licenses which are scheduled to expire on 31 July 2020, and an aviation security training organisation approval which expires 31 December 2020; and
  • The intention is to engage a sales or investment process, prior expiry of the said licenses. 

As of 28 April — the granting of the provisional order — the employee’s salaries were outstanding for March and April. The outstanding remuneration will be dealt with as claims against the company. The implication of the provisional order granted is that employee’s employment contacts were by law immediately suspended. 

TERS UIF for the month of April and May 2020 were processed and received by the employees.