Parents Mothskega School reopening dates

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Rosedale community outraged by fatal stabbing of 14-year-old female pupil

Investigators believe the teen was murdered by a 16-year-old fellow pupil.

Parents Mothskega School reopening dates

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Law enforcment officials in Rosedale, Upington, are investigating the murder of a 14-year-old female who was allegedly stabbed to death at a school, on Wednesday, 20 November.

Where is Rosedale?

Rosedale is situated in Upington, a small town in the Northern Cape that has been around for 149 years. It rests along the banks of the Orange River and is the closest large centre to the Augrabies Falls, arguably the greatest of South African waterfalls.

What happened at the primary school?

The peace and serenity of Rosedale was disturbed by a gruesome murder that was allegedly committed at a school. Police spokesperson, Brig Mohale Ramatseba issued a statement, on Wednesday evening, noting the death of a 14-year-old female pupil.

According to investigators, the victim died as a result of a stabbing to the chest.

“The victim was transported by ambulance for medical attention and succumbed to her injuries on her way to the hospital,” Brig Ramatseba said.

Who is the suspect?

It is understood that the suspect in the murder is a 16-year-old female learner. It is not known, at this stage, if the suspect was a pupil at the school in question.

The incident, it’s believed, took place shortly after 07:00, on Wednesday. All indications suggest that the 16-year-old female, whose identity has been protected due to the circumstances of the crime and her age.

The motive behind the murder has yet to be established and investigators are wary about giving out too much information around the murder probe, due to the nature of who may be involved.

At this time, police spokesperson, Ramatseba, confirmed that there has been no arrest made in this case. It is the duty of Rosedale detectives to get to the bottom of what happened shorty before that fateful morning, to collect the forensic and physical evidence that ties the suspect to the crime and ensure that they have an airtight case to hand over to the NPA.

This is a developing story.