Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe’s son hits social media to blast the current state of Zimbabwe

This has just broken our irony-meter.

Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe Junior has shared his views on the aftermath of the recent Zimbabwe election, and the son of a former dictator is yearning for “the old days”.

Sharing a photo of a burning vehicle on his Instagram account, Rob Jnr hints that the country has gone to the dogs since his father was ousted from power. As News24 report, he bemoaned the violent protests which marred last week’s vote

“This is not the Zimbabwe I grew up in. This is not the Zimbabwe I know.” – Robert Mugabe Jnr on Instagram.

How many people were killed in the Zimbabwe election protests?

Protests in Zimbabwe against alleged election fraud turned bloody on Wednesday when soldiers opened fire on citizens, shaking hopes that the vote would mark a new era for the country.

With three people confirmed dead on Wednesday, a further three fatalities were announced on Thursday evening, taking the death toll up to six.

Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zanu-PF won the presidential election, securing a majority vote of 50.8% to guarantee another five years in power for the ruling party. However, the opposition has cried foul, denouncing the validity of the results.

Who is Robert Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior?

Now, Robert Junior is 26 years old. So we can forgive him for perhaps forgetting that scenes of violence blighted the country at the turn of the century, following Uncle Bob’s chaotic land reform plans.

But he’s perhaps being willfully ignorant in choosing to ignore the time his father crippled the economy and sent inflation to dizzying heights. He’s choosing to forget the plethora of human rights abuses Robert Snr was directly responsible for. The list goes on.

There’s plenty of “burning vehicle” moments the former president was responsible for, and to claim otherwise is extremely naive. However, daddy’s boy is a loyal lad and facts won’t really come into the equation, here.

When you and your siblings live in a world where it’s acceptable to pour champagne on your $45 000 watch, we suppose staying in touch with reality is always going to be difficult.