Robber unintentionally shoots himself. Image via Pexels

Robber unintentionally shoots himself. Image via Pexels

Robber unintentionally shoots himself and dies during a heist in Mpumalanga

In Mpumalanga, a robber lost his life after accidently shooting himself while robbing the occupants of a plot.

Robber unintentionally shoots himself. Image via Pexels

Robber unintentionally shoots himself. Image via Pexels

When committing a string of robberies in the Vosman policing region, a suspected robber “eliminated himself,” according to information provided to the police.

Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, a spokesman for the Mpumalanga police, stated that the incident started when the suspect and an unspecified number of his co-accused people terrorised residents of homes on a particular plot, committing incidents of business robbery, house breaking, and theft in the process.

The band of robbers confronted the plot’s occupants. One of the attackers had a gun in his possession. (

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Further information, Mohlala continued, showed that the victims were bound inside their homes when the suspects raided them and demanded money. According to reports, the thieves robbed the victim inside one home of a white Volkswagen Jetta.

The car’s owner managed to free himself during the encounter, but the armed robber fatally shot him. The injured man was transported to the hospital, where he eventually passed away from his wounds.

According to the police, locals pursued the criminals as they fled in the stolen VW Jetta. Eventually, the fleeing criminals left the stolen automobile and took off on foot while still leaving the safe with the weapon inside.

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Police officer shot in home robbery

Police are looking into an attempted murder case after an off-duty cop was shot and injured during a robbery at his house.

November Filander, a spokesperson, stated:

“The incident happened in the early hours of Monday, approximately at 4 am.”

“A 32-year-old police constable from Kleinvlei SAPS was attacked and robbed at his residence in Mfuleni.”

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According to early reports, the police officer was there during the altercation in his home’s living room together with his girlfriend and two other men.

A knock on the door was heard at around 4 am. Four armed men who had forced their way inside the building approached the police officer as soon as he opened the door.

The suspects sought the police constable’s firearm while carrying firearms of their own. He did, however, say that he didn’t own a gun.