Rob Packham

Rob Packham / Image via Facebook: Adjudicate

Alleged wife killer Rob Packham rearrested after breaking bail conditions

It’s the second time that Packham has breached the conditions of his bail set by the Cape Town High Court.

Rob Packham

Rob Packham / Image via Facebook: Adjudicate

Rob Packham, who stands accused of murdering his wife, has been rearrested after breaching his strict bail conditions.

It’s the second time that Packham has breached the conditions of his bail set by the Cape Town High Court. The 57-year-old businessman first violated protocol after being released in September.

It’s alleged that Packham contacted his former mistress, who is also a state witness in the murder trial. He was promptly rearrested for the infringement but was later released under the same stringent conditions.

Following Packham’s bizarre breach of bail in September, whereby he attempted to coax his former mistress into divulging information by pretending to be a “concerned friend”, the murder accused was thrust back into the spotlight.

On Wednesday, Packham was rearrested for attempting to contact a state witness.

Rob Packham breaches bail conditions, again

As reported by TimesLive, Packham’s strict bail conditions put him under house arrest – with allowances including one weekly shopping trip and church services on a Sunday. Packham was also ordered to cede all his communication devices and report, daily, to the police and investigating officer.

While the exact circumstances regarding Packham’s breach of bail have not yet been made public, it’s understood that a warrant of arrest was issued following his attempt to contact one of the state witnesses. At this stage, it’s unclear whether Packham again attempted to contact his former mistress.

The South African Police Service’s (SAPS) regional spokesperson, Sgt Noloyiso Rwexana, confirmed Packham’s arrest, saying:

“A 57-year-old man was arrested by the Diep River police and is expected to appear in the Cape High Court on Tuesday, 18 December. He was detained on a warrant of arrest.”

It’s understood that the state has now requested that Packham’s bail conditions be withdrawn outright and that the murder accused be remanded in custody until the murder trial resumes in February 2019.

The murder of Gill Packham

Packham’s wife of 30 years, Gill, was last seen on the morning of 22 February 2018. A while later a burning car was reported near Diep River police station. Upon extinguishing and investigating the vehicle, Gill Packham’s remains were discovered in the boot.

Rob Packham was the last person to see his wife alive and was promptly placed under arrest for murder.

Investigators have placed Rob Packham near the scene of the crime, around the time his wife’s burning car was first noticed; his cell phone records prove this.

The state is also claiming that Packham attempted to arrange an alibi, by requesting a colleague to lie on his behalf regarding the accused’s whereabouts at a certain time.

DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime and at the Packham residence is still being investigated.