rip nichume siwundla

House music vocalist and Top Chat Media signee, Nichume Siwundla / (Photo: Twitter / @nichumesings)

RIP Nichume: Promising House vocalist has passed away

A young talent that deserved more time to pave her way to success.

rip nichume siwundla

House music vocalist and Top Chat Media signee, Nichume Siwundla / (Photo: Twitter / @nichumesings)

Top Chap Media signee and promising House music vocalist, Nichume Siwundla has been pronounced dead.

As reported by IOL News, tributes have been pouring in all day since the news of her passing broke out on social media.

RIP Nichume: What is the cause of death?

According to the singer’s brother, Qhamani Siwundla, the family is still trying to wrap their heads around the untimely death.

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“We, as a family are in absolute shock as to what has happened. Learning that your sister has succumbed to emotions and taken her own life can never rest well. We obviously are left with a lot of questions but also know that she had one of the strongest characters in the family.

“Whatever she was feeling at that moment triggered immense hopelessness. We stand united as a family during this difficult time. Nichume was so loved and appreciated. We’re proud of all her achievements,” he said.

A rising star’s summit cut short

The first time Nichume’s encapsulating voice broke through the airwaves was to Deephouse DJ Mobi Dixon’s Bhutiza, a 2017 Summer smash that catapulted the vocalist to a pinnacle she had never thought was possible.

A graduate with a qualification in Opthalmology, Nichume challenged the stereotypes of a young, black woman from the township with nothing but a dollar and a dream.

Her hard work and talent attracted the attention of Dixon who wasted no time in inking a deal with her as the First Lady of his independent music label — Top Chat Media.

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It was only just a few weeks ago that the pair were celebrating the success of their sophomore feature, a chart-topper titled Thobela.

“I’m distraught. I will remember Nichume as a bright light at Top Chap Media where we signed her. She was not only my first artist, but we had grown so close in the past three years that she became my little sister. She truly is gone too soon. May her soul rest in peace,” Dixon noted.

The young talent will be sorely missed by her fans, friends, and family. Rest in eternal peace Nichume.