#RhodesSoWhite starts trending

#RhodesSoWhite starts trending, as black students from Cape Town to Grahamstown protest white privilege and history

It all started with the vandalism of Cecil John Rhodes’ statue, where students covered it in sh*t, but soon morphed into threats of chasing white people from campuses and getting physical.

#RhodesSoWhite starts trending

A wave of black anger has swept the Capes. Students from Rhodes University – famous for its quasi-liberal political science and journalism majors – have taken to social media, coining the hashtag, RhodesSoWhite; where they complain about some fundamental issues affecting education and that directly impact students’ ability to absorb information and grow into a successful professional.

Here are a few of the absolutely cardinal issues affecting Rhodes students as portrayed by Twitter.

Threats all-round

Even Tannie Evita jumped in on this one

What does “black black” even mean?

This was bound to happen

And then there’s the inevitable: If you don’t like it, change it’s name and it’ll all go away

Now, while it’s quite obvious that these tweets are less about academia and more about social ills, we should not forget that changing a University’s name has always helped its students get better jobs and perform better in class… said no one ever!