Sassa gold cards benefits.

Sassa gold cards benefits. Image: Flickr

Researchers recommend an INCREASE in child support grant

A report conducted by the Children’s Institute at UCT reveals that the existing child support grant is not enough for children’s needs.

Sassa gold cards benefits.

Sassa gold cards benefits. Image: Flickr

The existing child support grant, according to a report conducted by the Children’s Institute at UCT, is insufficient to shield the most vulnerable children from starvation, malnutrition, and stunting.

It was emphasised that even though 13 million kids received grants, more over 7 million of them were still living below the food poverty level, which in 2022 was set at R663 per person.

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What approach did the researchers recommend in increasing the child support grant?

The report recommended a gradual approach to increasing the grant.

Additionally, it recommended starting with children under the age of six in the first year and gradually expanding it to include all children by “increasing the age cohort by three years in each of the following years” to achieve full coverage.

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By using this strategy, an additional budget allocation of R10 billion would be needed in the first year, R17 billion in the next year, and R24 billion in the final year. This assumes that the grant be increased to the Food Poverty Line (FPL).

What did the Minister say about the report?

Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu, welcomed the report and acknowledged the “hard work” of the Children’s Institute researchers, assuring them that it would not be one of the numerous papers that frequently go ignored.

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“This work falls under a very important unit in the department of social development,” she said

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