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Regulations on the expiry of data bundles expected by end October

Progress for the data fight.

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We might be waiting until next year before #DataWillFall, but at least some progress is being made around he expiry of data bundles.

Final regulations on the expiry of data bundles will be in place by the end of October, according to the minister of telecommunications and postal services, Siyabonga Cwele.

The Minister was responding to a parliamentary question this week, The Mercury reported.

What are the new regulations around data expiring?

“Initial interventions will ensure provisions to ensure that all segments of data bundles do not automatically expire after 30 days but have a cascading scale as proposed in Icasa’s draft regulations.”


When will these new regulations be implemented?

Cele said it will be in place “by the end of October”, but Icasa refused to put a time stamp on it.

Icasa, though, would not comment according to the report in The Mercury.

“In terms of our processes we are receiving submissions from civil society, the operators and all interested parties, and the deadline for that is September 19. We have to analyse submissions and that could take some time,” Icasa spokesperson Paseka Maleka said.

Will any other regulations be adopted?

Data costs will be addressed, including out-of-bundle charges, but the amendments will also introduce changes to voice, SMS and education.

These include mandatory interval SMS’ when running out of data; the option to opt-in to out-of-bundle charges upon the deletion of data; education campaigns on data and smartphone usage; and prescribed periods during which data is not allowed to expire.