Mamadou Gassama


Real-life superhero: Man saves child dangling from a building [video]

They now call him Spiderman.

Mamadou Gassama


Mamadou Gassama has been hailed as a superhero, following an unbelievable rescue act as he saved a young boy from tumbling four storeys down a block of flats in Paris on Sunday.

A video showing the 24-year-old scaling the building while the boy dangled desperately from the balcony went viral all over the world, even reaching French president Emmanuel Macron, who offered the Malian immigrant a massive reward for his trouble: citizenship.

According to reports, Gassama was an illegal immigrant, who arrived in France in September last year and, following his heroics, Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo promised to assist him in obtaining a visa.

Watch: Gassama rescues young boy

Giving his accounts on the events, Gassama said he was on his way to watching the Champions League final at a nearby pub with his friends, when he noticed the commotion, with people shouting and cars honking.

“I went out and I saw the child who was going to fall from the balcony,” he is quoted by The Times.

Gassama seamlessly climbed up the building, jumping from balcony to balcony as the child was dangling, with his hand held by a neighbour, who was unable to lift him back to safety.

He managed to reach the child in quick time and, with the help of the neighbour, the two men were able to haul him back to safety.

Gassama and the boy were both treated for shock, but neither of them sustained any injuries, while the boy’s father who had left him on his own in their flat was arrested, with the child placed in the care of social services.

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