crime ekurhuleni cop

Read: thousands turn up to support PE pastor facing rape charge

“The God of Omotoso will teach these unbelievers an unforgettable lesson.”

crime ekurhuleni cop

Dancing in the street, mass prayer and signs everywhere. Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s worshippers stand defiant to his abhorrent criminal charges.

Making his bail application appearance in Port Elizabeth on Friday, Omotoso’s rap sheet includes two rape charges. Representing the state, Advocate Nceba Ntelwa, announced that there were 22 counts of sexual assault in total against the self-proclaimed “Man of God”.

Outside the courtroom was a 1,000-strong group of his loyal supporters from the Jesus Domination International Church, some of which compared his struggles to those of Jesus

“We are being shown how Jesus suffered on earth, but he prevailed and so will our Daddy,” said the unidentified woman.

However, Omotoso’s following are going to have to face the mountain of charges, all of which corroborate with each other and follow similar patterns. According to an affidavit by the state’s case against him – presented by Hawks Chief Investigating Officer Peter Plaatjies – the widespread web of sexual harassment and molestation was aided and abetted by:

  • Using recruiters to lure 13 women to serve as the entertainers of Omotoso: the recruiters would identify young girls that met Omotoso’s “specifications” and arrange a parade for him during JDI services
  • Keeping 40 girls in ‘mission houses’ in Durban
  • Protecting himself with corrupt police officers, state officials and using ex-convicts to serve as his bodyguards.

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The Pastor’s defence case suffered another blow yesterday, as a lurid revelation about him “making girls rub Vaseline on their legs whilst reciting psalm 51” was published by The Herald.

Despite all this, Omotoso’s supporters sang, danced and prayed throughout the hearings, and welcomed the lashing thunderstorms as a sign of God’s support for the accused.

“We have prayed for a miracle from God; the God of Omotoso will teach these unbelievers an unforgettable lesson,” they shouted.

The pro-Omotoso faction even claimed that they have ‘prayed for a natural disaster’ that would prove that their prophet was innocent.

The pastor is being kept in a local prison facility and has been removed from the Mount Road holding cells in a bid to keep the accused, his supporters and his detractors safe.