Read: John Steenhuisen’s lette

Read: John Steenhuisen’s letter to Baleka Mbete, gearing up for a roast of epic proportions

The DA’s chief whip has written to Baleka Mbete asking for the immediate resumption of parliament, and you now what that means.

Read: John Steenhuisen’s lette

On Thursday Mmusi Maimane tabled another vote of no confidence in Jacob Zuma and just a few hours later the president played right into the opposition’s hands by firing finance minister Pravin Gordhan in a spectacular show of foolishness.

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While members of his own party and indeed folks from all areas of society begged el presidente not to fire Gordhan — Zuma looks like the type of guy who likes it when folks beg –, other, more nefarious characters no doubt pushed him to do just that and here we are.

A crippled economy — again –, weakened Rand, furious electorate and an opposition more determined than ever to axe the president… and they’re not alone. Politicians from within Zuma’s own alliance are out to get him this time, we just hope hey stay the course and don’t back out.

Anyway, here’s DA chief whip John Steenhuisen’s letter to the speaker of parliament Baleka Mbete, insisting she convene parly as soon as is possible so this matter can be dealt with once and for all.

The man sure does have a way with words, and we can’t wait to see him and the other chief whips in action when Zuma’s D-day breaks.

Oh, if you’ve not seen Steenhuisen in action, here are three of his most spectacular parliamentary roasts to date:

Judging by his fiery letter there’s little chance the chief whip — in every sense of the word — is planning on taking it easy on Zuma when the time comes.