African Union regrets Russia's suspension of grain cargo deal

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Read: A farmer’s warning to government over growing number of murders

“If that is what it wants, we can give it that”. This KwaZulu-Natal farmer’s warning to government holds nothing back. Will they listen?

African Union regrets Russia's suspension of grain cargo deal

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As farm attacks continue to make headlines, one farmer in KZN has issued a strong warning to government. With two killings in the province in the last week alone, the government has made a request to farmers in the area.

The Department of Agriculture wants farmers in the province to physically and continuously engage with government to keep it informed of their needs. IOL spoke to department spokesperson Khaye Nkwanyana who responded to a complaint from a farmer.

The complaint slammed government for allegedly leaving farmers to the mercy of criminals. This complaint came after the murder of 57-year-old cattle farmer Daniel Swanepoel who was tortured and murdered last week Friday.

“We cannot guess about the needs of the farmers, they operate through their unions and have never even sought an audience with the MEC Themba Mthembu,” said department spokesperson Khaye Nkwanyana.

Swanepoel was the second farmer murdered in Vryheid in less than two weeks. Another farmer was also killed during the #BlackMonday protest aimed at bringing awareness to the sheer number of killings.

IOL asked Vryheid farmer Braam van Niekerk what security measures were being put in place, his response was an ominous message to government.

“We are waiting to see what the government does. So far it hasn’t done anything. It should act, or does it want to act on an empty stomach? If that is what it wants, we can give it that.”

On Tuesday, another farm attack in Driefontein, Muldersdfrift, saw a 15-year-old girl survive after being shot nine times. Four men broke into the house on Tuesday evening when the daughter was alone in the house. Reports claim she heard the attackers and attempted to hide but the attackers opened fire.

The men ransacked the house and left, they are also believed to be part of a Nyaope gang that operates in that area.

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