Rayan Oram

People gathered outside the well where Rayan plunged to. Photo: Facebook

RAYAN: Moroccan boy trapped in 32m deep well for days has died

After a 5-day rescue mission Rayan Oram was found dead. The 5-year-old was trapped for 4 days in a 32m deep well.

Rayan Oram

People gathered outside the well where Rayan plunged to. Photo: Facebook

Rayan Oram, a 5-year-old boy from the village of Ighrane in Morocco who plunged 32 metres through a well opening, has died after being stuck for several days. 

The 5 day rescue operations had gripped Morocco and beyond as many followed the story closely. People from different walks of life offered to assist and some even camped outside.  


Rayan’s father told reporters he had been in the process of fixing the well, which he owns, when Rayan fell in on Tuesday, 1 February but had not realised at first where the boy had gone. His mother said the family had searched the area when they noticed he was gone, not at first suspecting he had tumbled into the well.

According to the BBC, footage on Thursday (3 February) from a camera lowered into the well showed that the boy was alive and conscious, but there had been no update on his condition since then.

Rescuers tried to get oxygen, food and water to the boy but it was unclear whether he was able to use them.

King of Morocco, Mohammed VI confirmed Rayan’s death. The King also said he had been following the developments of this tragic accident closely, and had issued instructions to all the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures and make the utmost effort to save the life of the deceased

#SaveRayan went viral across North Africa and other parts of the world. Jubilation over the boy’s rescue soon turned into doom as he was announced dead. Many took to social media to share their heartfelt condolences. 

“Rayan managed to bring together people from different nationalities, religions, and beliefs. He will always be remembered for the fight he put in to survive. May he be resting in heaven where he belongs,” one user said. 

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