Thembinkosi Terra Rawula.
Thembinkosi Terra Rawula. /Image via Facebook: @teeray.ramolo

Former EFF MP Rawula calls on Julius Malema to prove his innocence

Thembinkosi Rawula has defended the comments he made in his Facebook post last week.

Thembinkosi Terra Rawula.
Thembinkosi Terra Rawula. /Image via Facebook: @teeray.ramolo

Rawula took to Facebook last week, claiming that Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu were in control of the EFF’s finances. He also claimed that they even admitted to profiting from the VBS scandal.

Rawula made the post after losing his place on the representatives’ list and missing out on a seat in parliament. This led many to suggest that it might be a matter of sour grapes, with Rawula trying to punish Malema for excluding him.

Following the uproar, Julius Malema’s lawyers demanded that Rawula retract his comments on social media. Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with Rawula, who clapped back with yet another social media post.

Rawula demanded financial accountability

He acknowledged their demand but doubled down and insists that Malema and Shivambu provide financial accountability to prove their innocence. He demands that the EFF produce bank statements for the past four years:

“The EFF must produce past 4 years at least bank audited statements from all their banks: a) ABSA, b) FNB x2 Accounts, c) Standard bank. The EFF must disclose all the organizational bank and credit cards audited statements of the past 4 years. With all the invoices and slips corresponding to their use.

He demanded that the EFF “produce meeting minutes” going back to the first EFF Central Meetings held in 2015. He stipulated:

“The minutes must indicate the source of fundings, the production of audited and verified bank statements and the detailed report on the use of the EFF funds in a manner that is transparent to all CCT members.”

Rawula demands an explanation for the exclusion

Rawula insists that the exclusion borders on “grounds of prejudice and marginalisation and abuse of power”.

In response to his omission from the party representatives list, he asked that Malema’s lawyers provide “criteria for the deployment to the national parliament”.

“Please give substantive evidence that proves that the exclusion of myself from the parliament list was not pre-meditated by you and your deputy president and had nothing to do with your prejudice against me as the result my views on VBS in the last CCT meeting before the list conference.”

VBS funding the “EFF revolution”

Rawula insists that Malema “state under Oath” that he did not admit to receiving a donation from VBS. He claims that the funds were used “to fund the EFF revolution”. He added:

“The President must state under oath, my comments on VBS were not invited inputs from his political overview as usual after, he has shared political overview. The President must further prove that, the attack that I suffered in the EFF meeting from CCT members and Provincial Chairpersons after my comments on VBS were not motivated by fighters defending his admission to the receipt of the VBS donation.”

Rawula’s 34-point statement can be perused on his personal Facebook page:

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