WATCH: Rapper shows up to Cape

WATCH: Rapper shows up to Cape Town gig wearing onesie

Rapper Isaac Mutant is one of South Africa’s rap originals. He’s performed everywhere, including a recent Cape Town gig – in a onesie.

WATCH: Rapper shows up to Cape

Rapper Isaac Mutant is one of South Africa’s rap originals, performing with artists who are ingrained in the country’s music history. He’s performed everywhere, from Cape Town to Paris (not Parys!).

This time, he showed up to a local gig wearing a onesie, an outfit traditionally associated with sleepwear. Nobody’s going to tell him not to.

Is it any weirder than Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress?

Would you show up to a gig in the most hardcore onesie?

Hip-hop fashion just got serious.

Here’s more about what happened at Cape Town’s Blunt Raps open mic night.

Rapper rocks up to gig in a onesie

Rapper Isaac Mutant showed up to a performance in the least likely thing you’d expect to see on stage: a onesie.

Onesies are popular sleepwear. This proves you can wear them anywhere, even out to a party!

The rapper immediately launched into his song, showing why he’s one of the founding original members of DOOKOOM.

Fan footage showed Mutant impressing the crowd.

It’s much more hardcore than you’d expect.

Would you tell a rap god what they’re supposed to wear?

Rapper Isaac Mutant in a snuggie

Watch fan footage filmed by Shadley Kamaldien.

Rapper Isaac Mutant showed up to Blunt Raps open mic night with hardcore lyrics… and a onesie.

He’s a regular sight at open mic nights, keeping performances fresh and lyrics tuned up.

It’s a pretty hardcore performance!

Click here to see it.

Isaac Mutant: More about the artist

Isaac Mutant is a founding member of DOOKOOM with a long history through local hip-hop and rap.

You’ll know some of his music if you’ve heard any recent, good rap.

He also teaches rap, bringing skills to future generations.

Mutant’s music also appears on the soundtrack for Spinners, a Showmax production.

A documentary, called MUTANT, explored the artist’s founding journey and experiences in the Cape Flats.

Rappers dressing up

Rappers like dressing up!

It’s part of the scene.

It’s what you expect from the bling.

What do you think about Mutant’s appearance wearing a onesie? Would this have turned eyes on the red carpet – or what?

Kanye West didn’t do so well in comparison. Brands have distanced themselves so far from West that he may never be able to wear Adidas or Balenciaga in public again.

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