rape grandfather

A 63 year old man has been found guilty of raping his granddaughter. Photograph: Canva

Rape suspect found ‘hanging’ in his Western Cape police cell

Police officers were confronted with the grisly scene of a 31-year old statutory rape suspect who they found dead in his police cell.

rape grandfather

A 63 year old man has been found guilty of raping his granddaughter. Photograph: Canva

A grisly scene of a rape suspect hanging in his cell is what a team from the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) discovered when they visited a local police station in the Western Cape.

IPID spokesperson Grace Langa said that the team had visited the crime scene at Grabouw Police Station on Thursday night. She said police had arrested the 31-year-old suspect on Tuesday 31 August at around 6.40am. He was facing a charge of statutory rape.

Langa said that the suspect had appeared in the Grabouw Magistrates Court to face the statutory rape charge on Thursday. He was remanded in custody until 8 September 2021.

“He returned to Grabouw SAPS for his further detention on a J7, at about 15:10. He was detained alone in his cell,” Langa said.

She said that at around 16.50 when police officers had visited his cell they had found him having in a kneeling position. 

“It’s suspected that he used his red underwear lace to hang himself. It is also suspected that he attempted to hang himself with a blue shoelace as a broken piece of it was hanging  next to the red underwear lace,” Langa said.

“It appears that the deceased was allowed to go into the cells with his belongings from court,” Langa said.

IPID is investigating the hanging of the rape suspect.

IPID investigates complaints against the police as well as the circumstances surrounding the death of suspects while in police custody. The latest incident is the second alleged suicide to have occurred at a police station in recent weeks. IPID reported on Tuesday that it was investigating a case in which a suspect had managed to grab a firearm out of a bag and shoot himself while he was partially handcuffed to a chair. A police officer had allegedly negligently left the firearm in a bag that was in reach of the suspect who was left unattended in a room inside the police station.