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“Racists belong in jail” – EFF’s Ndlozi reacts to Martinengo sacking

The EFF has released a statement in response to the firing of Sasha Martinengo after he referred to Julius Malema as a ‘monkey’ on air.

eff martinengo malema

Sasha Martinengo, the now-sacked presenter at Hot91.9 FM, just joined the ranks of those who have had their lives ruined because of their insensitive use of derogatory terms to describe black people.

On Tuesday, the Managing Director of the radio station, Lloyd Madurai, released a statement where he publicly stated that the station would, from now on distant itself from Martinengo. In simpler terms, he has been fired.

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EFF threatens Martinengo with criminal action after racial slur made against Malema

People went on social media to applaud the station for acting swiftly in disciplining its employee who, on live air, referred to the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, a ‘monkey’.

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Adding his two cents on a topic about the EFF leader, Martinengo was heard saying

“and people still listen to this monkey”.

Well, the EFF has since published a statement, reacting to the news of Martinengo’s dismissal. The party cited that

“the EFF welcomes the dismissal of Sasha Martinengo from Hot 91.9 FM, following his racist remarks about CIC, Julius Malema. Unlike many who accept apologies of the racists, this station refused to stop there and took it a step further by firing a racist.

“It is obvious that [he] acted decisively because they knew they would face the full might of the EFF like H&M did. The EFF is however not satisfied with [the] firing of this DJ. We will, through our branches, be opening a criminal case against him because racists belong in jail”.

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the national spokesperson of the EFF, also reacted to the news in a tweet, congratulating Madurai and his station for acting swiftly in dealing with racism.