nelson mandela

One of the pillars awaiting to be installed now vandalised. Image: @mandela800

Racist graffiti etched on Nelson Mandela Memorial in the UK

Even after death, former president Nelson Mandela is a victim of racist with the ‘N’ word written in his Memorial in Liverpool

nelson mandela

One of the pillars awaiting to be installed now vandalised. Image: @mandela800

The Nelson Mandela Memorial in Liverpool has fallen victim to hate crime, with the memorial stones vandalised with graffiti, some stones chipped and another tossed into a lake at Princes Park.

According to UK publication the Daily Mail, the memorial was unveiled in July this year by the late stateman’s daughter Makaziwe Mandela and his grand-daughter Tukwini Mandela.


The space resembles a classroom, with 32 stone pillars to sit on.

The vandalised memorial was discovered by Merseyside Police who were on patrol.

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In a statement released by Mandela8, the NGO says it was ‘a deliberate act of racism’.

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“This stone weighs 600kgs. The intent behind this act was calculated and it must have taken an immense level of effort to push this stone off its pallet and into the water.”

This was not the first time the memorial site has fallen victim to an attack with numerous acts of vandalism done to the memorial signage, construction site, the storage container and threats to the workers.


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nelson mandela memorial
The ‘N’ word written on one of the stone pillars. Image: @mandela800

The charity organisation has condemned the acts and says it as stark reminder of racism occurring in the heart of Liverpool.

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“To attack a memorial to Nelson Mandela, a man whose compassion saw him forgive those who committed unspeakable acts against him and looked for peace and reconciliation, says a lot about the people who committed this malicious act.”

The police are currently appealing for more information while continuing to increase visability in the area.