pick n pay sticker

Facebook / Lindie Pretorius

Your R5 Pick n Pay sticker could help feed the needy this Christmas

A great initiative to help feed the needy.

pick n pay sticker

Facebook / Lindie Pretorius

Katrina Bianca Sutcliffe has thought of a brilliant idea to feed the needy this Christmas. Pockets are tight and things are not getting any easier for any of us but Sutcliffe’s grand plan to work with Pick n Pay to feed those in need this Christmas is nothing short of ingenious.

How to use the R5 Pick n Pay stickers

We came across Sutcliffe’s story on Good Things Guy. She is currently working with Pick n Pay to feed the needy using the expired R5 stickers.

In October, the giant retailer launched the Pick n Pay Christmas Bonus Stamp campaign where customers got a R5 sticker for every purchase amounting to R150.

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Customers would need to collect the stickers into a booklet, which would sum the bonus up to R100 should it be filled.

Because the campaign ended on 18 November, many customers could not fill in the booklet. Some collected the stamps but never participated in the campaign with a booklet.

What was left were thousands of stamps scattered everywhere with no value. However, Sutcliffe might have a use for them and it is an initiative we are excited about.

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How to donate your R5 Pick n Pay stickers

Since the launch of her charity campgain, Sutcliffe has already impacted the lives of many.

The recent Alexander fires is a prime example. Using the booklets she had received, Sutcliffe was able to donate hampers and food buckets to the survivors of the tragic fires.

On her Facebook page, she noted that this effort could only work as much as we are willing to help those less fortunate than we are.

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“There are hundreds of people who are currently displaced and GOTG are doing all they can to assist the community of Alex. They literally need anything and everything they can get…

“Thank you to everybody who has contributed stickers, sheets and money to help change the lives of those less fortunate than us,”

she wrote.

Those who have stickers that they would like to donate can do so by contacting Katrina Bianca Sutcliffe on Facebook. If you are in Bedfordview, Ekurhuleni, you can drop off your booklets at Dear Maria (opposite Andiccio), or at the Corporate Conference Centre in Edward Drive.