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R27 billion and four years behind schedule, Eskoms’s Ingula nightmare

Eskom’s much-touted Ingula hydro-electric power plant in KZN is running at least four years behind schedule and has more than tripled in budget thanks to mismanagement.

Eskom coal

Carte Blanche on Sunday reported that when Ingula comes online in 2017, the entire project would have cost R36 billion, R27 billion more than the R8.9 billion budgeted for initially.

Ingula’s unit 4 was activated back in June to much fanfare, with all four of its units expected to come online in 2017, as opposed to the initial projection of 2013.

“Thanks to the hard work and drive of the Ingula Team, Unit 4 was brought forward ahead of the 2017 schedule,” Eskom said.

Eskom’s Abram Masongo said back in July that two of Ingula’s units would start generating electricity by this year’s end, with the other two going online in 2017, but Carte Blanche’s report claims that Eskom bypassed security regulations in order to get unit three online, which damaged the turbine.

A unit four was also damaged when Eskom rushed to get it online before the Local Government Elections.

Carte Blanche obtained documents proving that Eskom paid the project contractor millions in bonuses and advances, even after the contractor skimped on safety protocols and delivered substandard work.

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