Malema Queen Elizabeth

EFF leader, Julius Malema and the late Queen Elizabeth. Images via Twitter/@EFFSouthAfrica and @Africa_Archives.

‘Colonial atrocities’: EFF will not mourn Queen Elizabeth’s death

The EFF says it won’t mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death as she lived off a brutal legacy of dehumanisation of many of people across the world.

Malema Queen Elizabeth

EFF leader, Julius Malema and the late Queen Elizabeth. Images via Twitter/@EFFSouthAfrica and @Africa_Archives.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it has noted the passing of British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, however the party will not mourn her death. 

Elizabeth passed away at age 96 on Thursday, 8 September in Scotland. 


The EFF said it does not mourn the death of Elizabeth because it serves as a reminder of a very tragic period in the history of South Africa and the African continent at large. 

The Red Berets said South Africa’s interaction with with Britain under the leadership of the British royal family has been one of pain, suffering, death, depression and dehumanisation of African people. 

“Elizabeth Windsor, during her lifetime never acknowledged  the crimes that Britain and her family in particular perpetrated across the world. In fact she was a proud flag bearer of the atrocities because during her reign, when the people of Yemen rose to protest against British colonialism, Elizabeth ordered a brutal suppression of that uprising,” the party said. 

The EFF further said during her 70-year-reign the late monarch not even once acknowledged the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that Britain invaded across the world. 

“She willingly benefitted from the wealth that was attained from the exploitation and murder of millions of people across the world. The British Royal Family stands on the shoulders of millions of slaves who were shipped away from the continent to serve the interests of racist white capital accumulation, at the centre of which lies the British royal family.” 



The monarch’s death came after the Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday that doctors were “concerned” for her health and recommended she stayed under medical supervision.

All her children — Charles, Princess Anne, 72, Prince Andrew, 62, and Prince Edward, 58, flocked to her Scottish Highland retreat, Balmoral. They were joined by Charles’s sons, Prince William, and his estranged brother Prince Harry as well grandchildren.

Two days earlier the queen appointed Liz Truss as the 15th prime minister of her reign and was seen smiling in photographs but looking frail and using a walking stick.

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