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Online learning is the way of the future. Image: StockSnap/Pixabay

Prisoners threaten hunger strike for laptops

Inmates across the country have allegedly threatened to go on a hunger strike as a number of their issues have been swept under the carpet

Virtual courses

Online learning is the way of the future. Image: StockSnap/Pixabay

Prisoners across the country have threatened to embark on an indefinite hunger strike, as they claim that their rights have been infringed upon and want the use of laptops in their cells.


This comes after a recent Supreme Court of Appeal ruling which deemed that the Department of Correctional Services current policy infringed on a prisoners right to further their education.

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According to IOL, contents of a voice note circulating on social media, prisoners are still being denied laptop use in their cells. Inmates at Mangaung Prison have apparently handed over a memorandum for a strike.

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Laptops were just the tip of the iceberg for the inmates as they have complained of having their issues constantly being swept under the carpet.


In the judgement delivered on 8 November, the court found that existing policy, prevented Mbalenhle Ntuli to effectively pursue his chosen field of study, computer studies with a focus in data processing.

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The court ordered the department to change its policy with12 months to ensure that it complies with prisoners constitutional right to further education.

“In the interim, the SCA orders that prisoners on stipulated conditions, must be permitted access to their personal computers in their cells to further educational education courses.”