Prime property in Ballito up f

Prime property in Ballito up for grabs, literally… as long as you’re an EFF member

It’s simple, you see what you want, illegally claim it and then abuse the democratic process to keep what you claim.

Prime property in Ballito up f

A bunch of EFFing EFFers illegally invaded land near the wealthy beach-town of Ballito on the KZN coast this weekend… while their leaders faces retrenchment.

Yes, the EFF has taken a break from vandalising monuments they know very little about and decided to take some farming land. Not for those in need, you understand; nope, they’re claiming it for themselves.

According to a very loose interpretation of some arb South African law, if you have structures on a spot of land for more than 48 hours you can’t be kicked off, unless those who want you gone supply you with alternative accommodation.

This grab is just one of many the red berets have planned, and luckily one of the few instances where they actually succeeded.