Propaganda Pretoria Nightclub Roof Prince Kaybee

Photo: Twitter

Pretoria: Nightclub roof collapses – as Prince Kaybee escapes unharmed

Those in attendance at Pretoria’s Propaganda nightclub – including Prince Kaybee – were left horrified when the venue’s roof collapsed on Saturday.

Propaganda Pretoria Nightclub Roof Prince Kaybee

Photo: Twitter

The Propaganda nightclub in Pretoria has suffered a serious structural collapse this weekend, as the heavy rains which lashed the region on Saturday contributed to the roof caving in. Debris, concrete, and panels plummeted to the ground, at a venue where musician Prince Kaybee was set to perform.

Prince Kaybee escapes ‘roof collapse’

Several people were left needing medical treatment, after becoming trapped under the rubble. The extent of the damage is still being assessed, and we’re waiting on a statement to confirm the well-being of all partygoers in attendance. Prince Kaybee himself, however, emerged unscathed, and even joked about the incident on his Twitter page today.

Halloween horror at Pretoria nightclub

Propaganda is a very popular location for revellers, and despite the existence of a curfew, it didn’t stop these youngsters from partying within the parameters of the law. The incident happened before midnight, and most patrons were out of harm’s way when the ceiling collapsed.

However, genuine concerns were raised when it became apparent that some people were trapped under the wreckage. Many were pulled to safety, as onlookers were left dumfounded by what they’d just witnessed.

Several sources at the venue revealed that concerns were raised about the roof just moments before it came down, with some fearing that the weather was causing the ceiling to ‘dip’. We will bring you more updates on this story as we get them.

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