Pravin Gordhan EFF sona 2020

Photo: TSA Composite, images taken from ANC and EFF Twitter accounts respectively.

SONA 2020: EFF lists 10 reasons why Pravin Gordhan must fall

The Red Berets have ramped up their campaign to see Gordhan ousted.

Pravin Gordhan EFF sona 2020

Photo: TSA Composite, images taken from ANC and EFF Twitter accounts respectively.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have bolstered their agenda to ensure the removal of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan ahead of the State of the Nation Address (SONA 2020).

EFF vs Pravin Gordhan: Red Berets launch ‘Must Fall’ campaign ahead of SONA 2020

The EFF, with commander-in-chief Julius Malema at the forefront, has led the anti-Gordhan rhetoric for years. Malema, on countless occasions, has expressed his sheer disdain for Gordhan, describing him as a disrespectful minister with a particular dislike for black people.

As the head of South Africa’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs), Gordhan has taken the blame for the failure of entities, such as Eskom and South African Airways (SAA).

On Sunday, the EFF issued a notice warning that if President Cyril Ramaphosa wanted a peaceful SONA 2020, as it has been since he took over the reins from Jacob Zuma (who, by the way, will make his first appearance in Parliament since 2017 on Thursday), Gordhan must fall.

“This is now long overdue, accountability means there must be political consequences to incompetence. Gordhan must go before he runs down all the assets of the state and the people of South Africa.

“Most painfully, under his watch, black executives in key state institutions are being vilified, projected as incompetent and corrupt, then replaced with racial minorities; which is the greatest statement of no confidence in African leadership. We will, therefore, march to the public enterprises’ offices in Pretoria to demand Pravin Gordhan to resign,” the party charged.

10 reasons why Pravin must fall – EFF

On the eve of the most important day in Parliament, the Red Berets have ramped up their campaign, seeing that their call to have Gordhan fired was not heeded by the president.

This is the EFF’s 10 reasons why they believe the minister must fall:

  1. Gordhan was the alleged architect of the infamous SARS rogue unit;
  2. The minister’s alleged involvement in Ivan Pillay’s early retirement bonus remuneration of R1.1 million;
  3. Gordhan is the minister of load shedding. Eskom has failed dismally under his rule;
  4. He is deliberately collapsing Eskom to benefit his cronies in the renewable energy sector;
  5. The minister allegedly interfered with and undermined SAA’s turnaround strategy.
  6. Gordhan is on a mission to purge black professionals without fair due process;
  7. He is the proxy between Ramaphosa and Investec CEO Stephen Koseff, the alleged leader of white monopoly capital in South Africa;
  8. Gordhan’s unethical relationship with Werkmens Attorneys allows him to abuse his powers with access to state contracts;
  9. The minister laced an unqualified CEO at Mango Airlines; and
  10. He is allegedly at the forefront of looting of state-owned assets with the impending privatisation of SOEs.