Eskom coal

Poll says South Africans trust Eskom more than the president

Recent Ipsos survey has found that the embattled Eskom enjoys more trust nationally than the one and only Jacob Zuma.

Eskom coal

The survey, made up of 3 617 interviews with randomly selected people found that while Eskom scored 53.4 out of a hundred, el presidente scored only 53.1. Sure it’s a small margin, but what a f*cking indictment to not only score in the same region as Eskom, but to be beat by them too.

MyBroadband reports that the highest scorer was the South African Social Security Agency – likely, because so many people are dependent on it –.

Now, while many would suspect that the Nene’s disaster is behind oll’ pressie’s shit performace, the poll was actually done before he “redeployed Nene’.

That said, even Nene scored pretty kak, while he was at the helm of the treasury, with around 41 out of 100.

“Although Nene has a lower favourability rating overall than president Zuma, this is expected as he only started in the position of minister of finance in May 2014 (after the most recent general election), thus South Africans were taking some time to get to know him,” Ipsos said.

During the survey folks were asked  “How well do you think President Zuma is doing his job?”, and less than half of adult South Africans believed Zuma was doing his job very or fairly well.

“Although the results shown here were captured before the announcement of the replacing of Nhlanhla Nene, it is clear that fewer South Africans trust or show favourable sentiment towards President Jacob Zuma now than in the beginning of the year, or earlier in his presidency.”

“This is especially important as local government elections are about five months away, and the ANC is facing stiff competition from the opposition – especially in the major metropolitan areas where voters are more exposed to different opinions and have more access to a variety of news media,” Ipsos said.