cash in transit

Police recover R1.5m as suspicions rise over Boksburg cash-in-transit links

Where the hell did the cash come from?

cash in transit

Less than a week ago, the country was left in a state of shock and worry as videos went viral showing a cash-in-transit robbery more violent than anyone had seen before. The robbers hit two vans at once but SAPS acted fast and later arrested the men.

Fast forward to Tuesday 22 May when the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) found large amounts of cash. Images began doing the rounds on social media of the cash, believed to amount to R1.5m.

While the EMPD have confirmed that money was recovered they are unable to confirm whether the cash is linked to the Boksburg cash-in-transit robbery.

EMPD Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago told the media that the cash was recovered by the department’s tracing unit in Langaville.

The money was found in the home of two individuals who told police that they were keeping the money safe for a security guard. SBV and authorities have confirmed that no guards are involved.

“Our guys at around midnight pounced on the house and when they arrived, found a huge amount of cash. Thereafter, they found a couple, a 58 and 59-year-old.”

The money, at this stage, is undisclosed, it is a considerable amount of money but I cannot reveal the exact amount… it is probably being counted as we speak,” Kgasago said.

Two females were arrested alongside the couple who informed police that there was more cash in a container in the yard. All four have been charged with possession of suspected stolen money.

The cash-in-transit robbery last week also raised eyebrows as reports emerged claiming there might have been some police involvement in the incident.

The robbery saw the five attackers shoot two guards as members of the public ran for their lives. The men then used explosive devices to detonate the two vans before fleeing with the cash.