Police are investigating the execution style killing of a man. Image: Google Maps/ Pixabay

Police investigate EXECUTION style killing of a man

Police are investigating the killing of a 31-year-old man in Oranjesig on Sunday


Police are investigating the execution style killing of a man. Image: Google Maps/ Pixabay

The Parkweg police are looking into the execution style killing of a 31-year-old man in Monument Road, Oranjesig, on Sunday, 15 January 2023, around 22:45.

According to the witness, the victim was driving with him from the city to his home in a silver Hyundai i10.

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Police called to the scene after a killing

A white Volkswagen Scirocco passed two men driving on Monument Road.

The witness claims to have heard two loud bangs. The white Scirocco abruptly stopped in front of them, blocking their path near the entrance.

Three men jumped out of the Scirocco and charged toward the Hyundai i10, at which point he began running in the direction of the City.

While one of the suspects was fleeing, shots were fired. The suspect who had been chasing the witness abandoned the pursuit.

When the witness went back to the scene, he found the victim lying motionless on his stomach on the pavement.

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Victim has three gun shot wounds

Police were summoned and arrived on the scene.

The preliminary investigation began, and the victim was discovered to have three gunshot wounds.

As evidence, two spent 9mm cartridges were collected from the scene.

A murder investigation has been launched at Parkweg Police Station.

Anyone with information that could aid in the investigation of the case or lead to the arrest of the suspects is asked to contact Captain Yaliwe Mokoena at 082 526 2653.

Alternatively, information can be submitted through the MySAPS App or by calling the SAPS Crime Stop line at 08600 10111.