Growing weed at home in South Africa

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Police close cannabis coffee shop in Knynsa and seize goods worth R80k

The owner had advertised the store in Sedgefield as a nursery, health and coffee shop.

Growing weed at home in South Africa

Image: AdobeStock

Knysna police have raided and arrested the owner of a store in Sedgefield just a week after it opened for business. The shop which was situated in the Sedgefield CBD was said to selling cannabis oil and baked goods containing cannabis.

As reported by IOL, the 31-year-old store owner had advertised his store in the Sedgefield main road as a nursery, health and coffee shop.

While the constitutional court recently found that personal private use of cannabis in one’s home should be decriminalised, the law has yet to be passed and even under the new law the sale of cannabis would still be illegal.

The police seized R80 000 worth of goods from the business including a variety of cannabis products intended for sale. The arrest will serve as a warning for those attempting to build businesses from the coming change in legislation.

Several conventions and expos have sprung up recently targeting entrepreneurs and people wanting more information cannabis cultivation and use.

This race for people to make money off cannabis has given rise to everything from beers; which is legal as it doesn’t contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana) and cannabis yoga retreats. Quite likely, not legal depending on the wording and interpretation of the new law.

It’s essential that anyone considering cannabis for personal use thoroughly understand the legality of possession and use of marijuana before approaching any store or convention which may have an economic incentive to mislead customers intentionally or otherwise.

The nature of the arrest in Sedgefield leads one to believe that the owner most likely, failed to do due diligence before starting his business and now is facing the prospect of being charged and tried as a drug dealer.

Captain Malcolm Pojie, Southern Cape police spokesperson, has confirmed that: “The 31-year-old has been arrested and charged for dealing in cannabis. He is scheduled to appear in Knysna court soon.”