Gauteng power outage

Parts of Gauteng will have a six-hour power outage on Tuesday. Image: Pixabay.

Planned SHUTDOWN of power supply in 12 Tshwane areas on Tuesday

Tshwane’s planned power supply shutdown, slated for Tuesday, 30 January, will affect 12 areas. Residents, must brace for the outage.

Gauteng power outage

Parts of Gauteng will have a six-hour power outage on Tuesday. Image: Pixabay.

Taking proactive measures, the City of Tshwane plans to execute a power supply shutdown in 12 areas on Tuesday, 30 January.

Scheduled repairs at the Aries Substation in Waterkloof aim to enhance infrastructure reliability, making it the focal point of this operation.

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Commencing at 8:00 and concluding at 17:00, the anticipated 9-hour shutdown is imperative for the execution of essential repair work. In the interest of safety, the City will temporarily halt power supply during this period.

Tshwane residents brace for planned power supply shutdown in these areas

Residents residing along Octans, Delphinus, Johann Rissik, Rigel South (from Aries Street towards the South), Carina, Sanford, Raymond, Taurus, Club, Eridanus, Regulus, and Grus will experience the outage.

“Customers are advised to treat all electricity supply points as live at all times,” said City of Tshwane.

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Acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the necessary repair work, the City of Tshwane extends sincere apologies to affected residents. This proactive measure is a testament to the municipality’s commitment to maintaining a reliable and secure power supply for its residents.

Prepare for power outage

Tshwane strongly urges customers to actively plan for the temporary power supply shutdown.

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The City of Tshwane remains dedicated to enhancing service efficiency and minimising disruptions for the betterment of the community.

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