Homemade Pizza Recipe

Homemade Pizza Recipe. Image credit: Unsplash

Pizza toppings: ‘Wrong answers only’ asks Debonairs

South Africans can sometimes be fussy when it comes to our pizza. There are combinations that make us drool, and others that shouldn’t be.

Homemade Pizza Recipe

Homemade Pizza Recipe. Image credit: Unsplash

South Africans can sometimes be fussy when it comes to our pizza.

There are some combinations that make us drool with anticipation, while other pizza combos are ones we should rather avoid. Some people are fans of pineapple as a topping, whilst other South Africans might imagine that seafood makes the best topping ever.

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Local restaurant Debonairs have taken to their Facebook page to ask South Africans about their chosen toppings, asking for wrong answers only!

What’s the worst thing you could put on if you could choose your own?

Here’s what Mzansi thinks about the toppings you should (and shouldn’t) decide on.

Pizza toppings: ‘Wrong answers only’

According to the Debonairs Facebook page, they want to know what South Africans would like to see on their pizza the least.

The post requests netizens to post their least favourite combinations as comments.

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‘Just for today, we wanna hear those crazy combos that probably shouldn’t exist.’ reads the post, which has already become a discussion topic for some of its page followers.

Combinations can include anything you like, drawing from the restaurant’s option to create your own toppings mix and add more or less of what you want to see.

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Extra cheese, mince, and bacon are just some of the things you can request on yours.

Opinions are divided on what South Africans want (and don’t want) to see on their pizza!

Pizza: What South Africans think so far

Comments have already started buzzing with what South Africans might think make a great pizza versus a bad one.

The first comment on the post reads, ‘definitely anything with pineapple or olives on’.

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Guess they’re not a fan, and they’re not alone! Pineapple has become one of the most controversial ingredients, with a definite split between people who love it on their pizza and those who definitely say they don’t.

What’s your favourite topping?

Would you slather yours in Nutella, or are you the kind of person who thinks that Surf & Turf is a great combination for on top of melted cheese?

Let us know what your choice of toppings are!

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