Pick N Pay Louis Vuitton Paarl

Photo: Chris Bloom / Flickr

No, Pick N Pay aren’t selling Louis Vuitton sweatshirts for R75

Imagine popping into your local Pick N Pay store, and finding a Louis Vuitton top on sale for R75 – that’s what happened this week, but not all is as it seems.

Pick N Pay Louis Vuitton Paarl

Photo: Chris Bloom / Flickr

When a mix-up is as comical as this, all you can do is laugh: A Pick N Pay store in Paarl has had to come out and deny that they are stocking Louis Vuitton sweatshirts amongst their casual clothing range, after a shopper discovered the designer knitwear on the shelves.

The item has since been removed from stock, but it was the price tag that had jaws dropping to floor: Usually marketing in and around the R2 000 mark, this particular jersey could have been picked up for R75.

Alleged Louis Vuitton jersey in Paarl Pick N Pay

Luckily for the store, an honest customer alerted them to the mistake. Spokesperson Janine Caradonna explained to TimesLive how this could have happened, distancing themselves from the marketing own-goal:

“We ordered an assorted knitwear range for our stores and clearly this item made its way into our delivery container. This is certainly not an item within our range and was immediately removed. We have checked our stores and have only located this one item.”

Janine Caradonna

Paris, New York, London… Paarl?

Debate has also raged over the authenticity of the sweatshirt: It’s not yet been verified if the jumper was actually the real deal, or if it was some sort of cheap knock-off that was produced by the supplier. Either way, the fun is as good as over for local bargain hunters…

After a conclusive search, no other erroneous jerseys have been discovered anywhere in the Western Cape. But this incident just goes to show you can find the bargain of a lifetime if you’re in the right place, at the right time.

Hell, even the bootleg Louis Vuitton gear goes for some serious money these days. But Pick N Pay are far from happy with the supplier: It’s understood they’ve dumped the company who made the error and sent them the brown-and-grey checkered garment.

Well, that’s R75 they won’t be seeing again…