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Pick n Pay: Retailer reveals how it will phase out these plastic items

Get ready for big changes at Pick n Pay.

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Retail giant Pick n Pay has revealed how it will begin phasing out plastic products at their stores. With plastic litter covering the country on a daily basis, the move is desperately needed and can’t come soon enough.

Pick n Pay and the war on plastic

Friday 8 June is World Oceans Day and Pick n Pay has successfully taken it as an opportunity to announce its new plans regarding getting rid of plastic at their stores.

Back in April, Pick n Pay chairman Gareth Ackerman began putting programmes in place to lower the use of non-recycled plastic in-store.

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Now, just a few weeks after Woolworths announced the plastic items that they will be removing, from their stores, Pick n Pay has detailed their process.

Pick n Pay Retail Executive for Commercial and Marketing, Paula Disberry, says it’s time that customers are given a choice.

“Everyone has an important part to play in reducing plastic waste. We want to make it possible for our customers to help in this effort, and we’re giving them more choices in our stores to do just that.”

The retailer will initially target five areas and will eventually have a wider range of commitments and targets.

Pick n Pay: The plastic items it will be removing

Standard plastic bags

This one is the most obvious, the retailer will now begin phasing in 100% recyclable plastic bags manufactured from recycled plastic. The bags will have no added calcium and be in stores from August 2018.

An increased range of reusable bags will also be reintroduced.


By now, almost everyone has seen the heart-breaking video showing plastic straws stuck up the nostrils of a sea turtle.

These standard straws will be replaced with paper straws which will only be provided at cold drink kiosks.

Everyday plastic disposables

The initial example presented here by Pick n Pay is its intention to replace the plastic inners of its house-branded earbuds with paper.

Standard packaging impacts

The retailer says it has already introduced recycled plastics in a range of its own products. Fruit and vegetable packaging contains a minimum of 25%  RPET. The special recycled plastic will now be used in PnP and No Name soft drink bottles. Dishwashing liquid and cleaning containing will also make use of the plastic.

Your own plastic at home

This last one is particularly impressive. While pick n Pay has already placed recycling bins in all of their stores, the retailer will now offer free plastic collection from customers’ homes.

If you buy your groceries through Pick n Pay online and have them delivered, they will now collect your plastic for you.