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Pick n Pay aims to create 15 000 new jobs over the next three years

Besides creating thousands of new jobs, Pick n Pay has decided to enter the ethical era, by ridding stores of plastic bags and other improperly sourced goods.

pick n pay

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Pick n Pay chairman, Gareth Ackerman, says the South African supermarket giant is looking to swell its workforce by employing 15 000 people over the course of the next three years.

Ackerman was speaking at the company’s AGM on Monday. The chairman of the franchise highlighted employment and job security as focus points for the company, commenting that South Africa was now heading in a more optimistic direction following years of reduced economic growth.

Pick n Pay: A major South African employer

As reported by Business Tech, Ackerman told the committee that by creating jobs, Pick n Pay would be active in building the country’s economy, saying:

“In just about every public survey, the number one priority for South Africans is employment. It’s not difficult to see why: with job security comes dignity, the ability to chart your own future, provide for your family and play a meaningful role in the economy.”

He also praised recent investment opportunities secured by President Cyril Ramaphosa, saying:

“We hope that with the focus on foreign investment into South Africa, it is not just replacement capital but new investment into the economy. Local companies need to be recognized and incentivized to increase their investment and create jobs.”

Talking on the subject of job creation, Ackerman said that Pick n Pay’s positive employment model affects one million people.

Commenting on the creation of 15 000 new jobs, Ackerman said:

“This will bring many young people into the world of work and the opportunities that retail provides to build a career and progress in the world. But the company’s impact is far wider: we work with about 10,000 suppliers, and last year spent nearly R68 billion with them. This provides employment to more than 400,000 people.”

Other changes to Pick n Pay

While job creation was the centre point for discussions; new initiatives aimed at benefiting the company, its employees and South Africa as a whole, include:

  • A stronger focus on Pick n Pay franchise stores – third of which are black-owned and nearly 40% of which are either Exempted Micro Enterprises or Qualifying Small Enterprises.
  • The introduction of 100% recyclable bags, due to be rolled out later this month, to Pick n Pay stores nationwide.
  • All new and refurbished Pick n Pay stores will be fitted with more natural refrigeration systems.
  • A new online system, aimed at collecting data from their suppliers regarding their palm oil and soya sourcing and use. This ties in with Pick n Pay’s focus on ethical social responsibility.