Pearl Thusi birthday

Photo via Instagram/@PearlThusi

‘Superior birthday mood’ – Pearl Thusi turns 33

“Superior birthday mood… Thank you for all the love and well wishes”, Pearl Thusi wrote on Instagram.

Pearl Thusi birthday

Photo via Instagram/@PearlThusi

If you’re celebrating your birthday on 13 May, you’re sharing it with Pearl Thusi! Thusi celebrated the day with DJ Zinhle, Moozlie, Thabsie, and Yolanda Vilakazi.

Happy birthday, Pearl Thusi!

Taking to social media, Thusi commemorated her birthday by sharing a snapshot on Instagram, captioning the post: “Superior birthday mood… Thank you for all the love and well wishes”.

Pearl Thusi: Cyberbullying target

While loved by many, Thusi is unfortunately also South Africa’s most cyberbullied celebrity. Back in October 2020, Thusi opened about the amount of hate she receives online for being light-skinned.

Speaking to Khanyi Mbau on Behind The Story on BET, Thusi said she didn’t understand how South Africans could be so hateful to one another, especially because “we are supposed to be on the same side as a country, people and race”.

She added that South Africans should go “back to the source on why we have an identity crisis and why we look different and why we are the way we are”.

“Because they are light-skinned that’s why they are where they are. Yes, there are privileges, but let’s also look around who’s giving those privileges to them and why they exist in the first place. […] You can’t take those people because they are easy to abuse and they’re in your community and they are accessible and they say, ‘Yes because you’re light-skinned she thinks she’s better’. No”.

Pearl added that she doesn’t understand why South Africans, mainly black people, throw hate on one another when “we [are] supposed to be on the same side as a country, people and race”.

Shower hour photo

Back in April, Thusi left fans in awe when she shared her ‘shower hour’ photo on Instagram. At the time, Thusi was in Thailand filming for Netflix’s upcoming art series, Wu Assassins.

The photo, shared her 3.8 million followers, was taken at the the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. Instead of a descriptive caption, Thusi added the ‘kissing face emoji’.

‘Drama and publicity stunts’

In March, Thusi was accused of using a photoshoot with veteran broadcaster Noxolo Grootboom as a ‘publicity stunt’, with several netizens claiming she only did it for ‘the drama’.

In the series of photos, Thusi can be seen kneeling before Grootboom, and said, “when you meet a Queen, a Hero, it takes nothing from you to drop to your knees and show respect”.

She also thanked Grootboom for her “commitment to [her] language, [her] work and thus being a constant to so many of us in this ever-changing world”. Thusi then added:

“Representing South African women do beautifully to themselves. You are synonymous with intelligence in women not being separated from her cultural and national pride”.

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