Patriotic Alliance

Bruce Nimmerhoudt

Patriotic Alliance leader Bruce Nimmerhoudt is a free man

Patriotic Alliance leader Bruce Nimmerhoudt has penned a heartfelt message to his party supporters after winning the July unrest case

Patriotic Alliance

Bruce Nimmerhoudt

Patriotic Alliance leader Bruce Nimmerhoudt, who was accused of inciting violence by the state last year, is now a free man.


This comes after the state’s failure to positively link Nimmerhoudt to the voice notes that implicated him in the crime.

Patriotic Alliance leader, who maintains that he’s being framed, appeared before the Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court last week during which his lawyer applied for discharge for acquittal, should evidence remain insufficient.

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In response to the verdict, Bruce Nimmerhoudt penned a lengthy and emotional piece to show gratitude to those who rallied behind him.

He said:

Father, I bow before Your Throne and I want to give you all the praise, glory and exalt Your name.
With you Father, we cannot be locked down, locked out or locked up.
I have not yet fully comprehended the true victory of the ‘Not Guilty’ judgement issued. Instead today I want to take the opportunity to extend my humblest gratitude, appreciation and love for all the support received throughout this journey.
I’m not even sure where to start, what to say that would be adequate or who all to thank as there are just too many.
On that fateful morning of my arrest, I never imagined that I would receive such overwhelming support, encouragement, prayers and intercession in honour and in defence of my innocence and integrity.
My family and I wish to extend our greatest appreciation to the Patriotic Alliance.
To the President, Mr Gayton McKenzie, you could’ve decided to leave me behind and distance yourself from what could have been detrimental to the party’s brand values, ethos and reputation. Instead, Sir, you came to my defence and stood valiantly against the many attacks, scrutiny and judgement that I came up against. You gave the line of march to an army of Patriots to rise up, show up and to sound their voices when the party could’ve distanced itself from the shambolic events. The only thing that went through my mind when I was detained was wondering what your reaction would’ve been, what choice of words you would have used to lambast me, or the expression of disappointment on your face. Then when I saw you in court next to my family, I couldn’t help but to break down crying because a true General doesn’t leave a fallen soldier behind the enemy lines. Pres jy het my jou waarheid gewys and for that, I will always be filled with gratitude and fight together in the trenches with you. I will defend you and this party with my last breath as you have defended me. Salute Pres.

“I am so proud to be part of the Patriotic Alliance, we never asked Bruce to step aside or ostracised him, we actually appointed him as the MMC of Human Settlements because we know he is of good character and a man of God.”

McKenzie, in response

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Patriotic Alliance leader Bruce Nimmerhoudt salutes supporters after court victory. Photo: Bruce Nimmerhoudt/ Facebook.


The letter continues:

To the DP, Mr Kenny Kunene, you demonstrated the true meaning of sacrifice and humility towards my family. When I wasn’t there to protect my family, you made sure that they were taken care of. You showered them with your love and affection and came into my house as a brother in fellowship. When I saw you shed a tear with me in court, I knew that day that you have a heart filled with compassion and love for your people. Then on the day of my release on bail, you hoisted my hand in the air and put me on your shoulders to celebrate a victory. It was that gesture that moved me knowing you will always lift others up, celebrate them and stand by them even through the most trying circumstances. Salute DP.
To my brother, Mr Sydney James (let me wipe the tears quickly). That cold morning when I was thrown in the back of the police van, the first name that I could think of was yours. The first name I shouted to my wife of people to call was yours. You didn’t hesitate to get out of your warm bed when you received the call. You left your pregnant wife and son home alone to take care of mine. You immediately got into action and came to my family’s rescue and provided them with surety and safety. I will hold that forever in my heart.
To my attorney and his team, Mr Calvin Richards, your guys were phenomenal in every sense. Many people didn’t have faith and confidence that you could deliver a striking blow but I remained resolute that I will change representation. If we can’t entrust and show confidence in the ability of our own blood, our own family and people to demonstrate excellence then everything I stand for is futile. You were a Rottweiler, my brother. Now we take on the next chapter of this journey. I Salute you.
To my peridot, my judge and executioner, my Lion and my Hawk, you all remained strong and even stronger when I was weak. You never bowed your heads in shame but stood like titans over me. At times when I buckled, you reminded me of my strength and power and that nothing will destroy me. When it was unbearable to deal with me you took the punches and the blows that came with my breakdowns and outbursts. I LOVE YOU FOR KEEPS.
To my father, my sisters, their children and my many families, we have gone through a horrid time in 2021. We barely recovered from the many deaths and losses and then suddenly I thought that I had brought this shame over our family. But again you reminded me that this is all part of God’s plan for my purpose to be fulfilled. You were at your strongest when I was at my weakest point. You carried me when it was my duty to protect and carry you all. Through it all we are protected by our spiritual families. I don’t have enough to show my gratitude or love that I have for you all. I LOVE YOU ALL BEYOND MEASURE.
To my stargazer, my lifetime, the one who catches me when I fall from the 6th floor. The one who intercedes for me when always assures me that my back is covered and I’m protected. I will always love you.
To the many communities, prayer warriors, intercessors and armies, friends, associates and acquaintances who carried us in their prayers, messages, calls, visits and concerning themselves over us, how can I ever repay or return the favour? When the attacks became heavier, it was as if you sensed that your interventions were needed and that you had to repel and rebuke that which was meant to destroy me. You will always be close to my heartbeat. I SALUTE ALL UNEQUIVOCALLY.
The Patriots, you are amazing. Julle het nooit gebaiza nie. Thank you for defending my name, thank you for standing on the battlefield for me and with me. Thank you for all your support at the court and for leaving your families behind to stand with mine. Thank you for lifting my name on high and blowing your Trumpets across South Africa
To the many others I left out in this message, I will pay tribute to you in Part 2.