Patricia de Lille addresses Tr

Patricia de Lille

Patricia de Lille addresses Transformation Indaba on job creation

Access to the event is limited to stakeholders in the sector, however, deliberations will impact all citizens.

Patricia de Lille addresses Tr

Patricia de Lille

On Wednesday, Patricia de Lille addressed the Transformation Indaba, at the Diep in die Berg Conference Centre, Pretoria, focusing on economic and educational transformation through social cohesion.

What is the theme of this year’s Transformation Indaba?

The theme is titled “Breaking the Barriers” and supports crucial economic transformation and job creation, as the growth of the sector is reliant on this.

This two-day event is hosted by the Council for the Built Environment (CBE), and is in alignment with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s sixth administration, as the key aim of this conference will look into service delivery:

  • education,
  • skills and health
  • consolidating,
  • the social wage through reliable and quality basic services,
  • spatial integration,
  • human settlements,
  • Local Government al cohesion and safe communities

What is the Transformation Indaba?

CBE is appointed to regulate the South African built environmental sector, and hosts the Transformation Indaba annually in aims of tackling these transformation issues directly with stakeholders in attendance, 2019 marks their third Transformation Indaba.

“Under the ‘uniqueness’ of South Africa’s diversity, transformation must be mobilised to include all previously disadvantaged groups to make it a truly representative and progressive society. Addressing transformation generically is complex enough, never mind tackling transformational issues in a particular sector such as the built environment – one where certain stereotypes are rife such as it is male-dominated; only those capable of hard manual labour will succeed.”

What are the topics discussed at this event?

In line with its theme of “Breaking the Barriers”, the Indaba will look into the various red-tape barriers to transformation in the environmental sector and potential solutions for these issues.

This event doubles up as a platform for industry key players to discuss policy bureaucracy and other processes obstructing transformation in the environment, which results in the exclusion of smaller environment service providers in the economy.

“CBE Skills Pipeline model which guides transformation dialogues and interventions by the sector, and the pipeline is based on the Career Value Chain, which maps out the developmental phases of an individual from entering the formal school system to professional life. Strategies to attract and retain registered professionals in the sector. “

Who is the audience of the Transformation Indaba?

The Indaba lures stakeholders from the sector, those who are practising professionals, voluntary associations, government departments, industry, academia, Councils for the Built Environment Professions (CBEP), and the private sector.

The attendance is limited and the outcomes of deliberations by these stakeholders will impact all citizens, so essentially the forum relies on members of the media to make information public, once deliberations have been concluded.