Johannesburg Water

Parts of Johannesburg . Image: Pixabay

Parts of Johannesburg are set to undergo a 14-hour water outage

Johannesburg residents are to face a significant disruption as a scheduled water outage is set to impact some areas on 5 March.

Johannesburg Water

Parts of Johannesburg . Image: Pixabay

Johannesburg residents in Meadowlands Zone 7, 8, 9, and 10 are preparing for a significant disruption as a water outage is scheduled to impact the area on 5 March.

The outage, will commence at 8:00 and expected to last until 22:00.

The emergency repair of a critical 560mm AC pipe causes the impending water outage in Johannesburg. Residents must prepare for the outage due to unavailable water tanker services.

Johannesburg faces water outage crisis

“Water tankers not applicable,” said Johannesburg Water.

The proactive measure by water utility authorities aims to swiftly address potential hazards. It also aims to maintain the integrity of the water infrastructure in Johannesburg.

Despite the inconvenience, cooperation from residents is crucial to ensure the prompt restoration of normal water services.

Suburban water woes worsen Sunday

Meanwhile, residents of Johannesburg’s major suburbs find themselves grappling with water supply disruptions following a lightning strike that damaged a transformer early Sunday, impacting the operations of Rand Water’s Eikenhof pump station.

The lightning strike occurred on Sunday morning, targeting a City Power transformer critical to the power supply of Rand Water’s Eikenhof pumping system, which serves areas including greater Soweto, Roodepoort, Hursthill, Crosby, and Brixton.