The fire at Parliament broke out during the early hours of Sunday morning. Image: Parliament / Twitter

Heads roll over Parliament fire

Nearly two years later, a disciplinary hearing is set for senior parliament officials for the fire that gutted the National Assembly


The fire at Parliament broke out during the early hours of Sunday morning. Image: Parliament / Twitter

Nine senior parliament officials have been relieved of their duties due to their alleged failures in their jobs that lead to the fire which gutted the National Assembly two year ago.


The nine are part of a group of 28 other officials who had been identified through an independent investigation. The group has been cut down to 13 after others were able to provide adequate explanations.

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The remaining identified staff is set to face a disciplinary hearing and be given notice of the charges they face.

“Due to the serious nature of the allegations, nine out of the 13 staff members facing disciplinary action have been placed on precautionary suspension with full pay and benefits”, parliament said.

Parliament is set to get the services of external legal experts and chairperson for the disciplinary hearing.

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Currently only one person has been criminally charged for the fire in parliament.

Zandile Mafe was arrested on the morning on the incident on 2 January 2022 right out parliament.

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Zandile Mafe consulting with his defence before court on 4 November 2022. Image: Storm Simpson/The South African.

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He faces charges of arson, terrorism.

An inquiry into his fitness to stand trial is currently underway at Mafe’s representative Luvo Godla says his client is ready to stand trial despite two reports suggesting otherwise.

In his last appearance, Mafe had an outburst in court, where he claimed to set the building on fire because he wanted it moved from Cape Town.

Costs to restore the building has been estimated to be around R2 billion.