Paris Hilton claims she invent

Paris Hilton claims she invented the selfie and Twitter is not having it

Twitter users didn’t hesitate to clap back at Paris Hilton after she said she and Britney Spears invented the selfie in 2006.

Paris Hilton claims she invent

Apparently Paris Hilton invented the selfie way back in 2006. After she tried to convince the internet of this ‘invention’, Twitter users were quick to set the record straight.

Socialite and heiress, Paris Hilton and pop star, Britney Spears were close friends a while ago. Recently Paris shared a throwback selfie, saying: “11 years ago today, Me and Britney invented the selfie!”

And as you know, it is not the truth. Twitter users went on to share hundreds of examples of people who actually got there first.

The term “selfie” came into popular usage only in 2002, about four years before Paris and Britney posed for the pictures above, reports the New York Times. 

One example, includes Madonna:

Here’s a selfie dating back to 1839:

Possibly the biggest contender for the “who-invented-the-selfie” title:

These folks:

A mirror selfie in 1910:

Here’s Kramer from Seinfeld in 1995:

Sabrina the Teenage Witch taking a selfie in 1996:

Collin Powell got her with a couple of decades:

This guy and his wife in 1991:

George Harrison 1966:

A selfie is a selfie, right?

Or maybe Bill Nye invented it in 1999?

Or Buzz Aldrin?

Or was it Joey and Chandler?

Some are actually saying Paris is right in some sense. She maybe didn’t exactly invent the selfie, but it wasn’t really popular before she started waltzing into town. What do you think?