OR Tambo robbery

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twtter

Watch: Gone in 90 seconds – OR Tambo traveller followed home, robbed

It’s understood that another victim has been tailed from OR Tambo and robbed at a residential property. This CCTV clip exposes the callous operation.

OR Tambo robbery

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twtter

Another group of robbers who target travellers leaving OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg have made their mark this week. Chilling footage has been uploaded online, which shows the cool and calculated gang calmly steal the valuables and belongings of an unsuspecting victim.

More thieves strike from OR Tambo

This joins the list of several other cases where people leaving OR Tambo have been tailed by criminals, only to be robbed upon arrival at their accommodation or homes. This CCTV footage highlights the callous nature with which these thieves operate, and they’re done and dusted within 90 seconds of pulling up.

This incident took place at a residence in Wilgeheuwel – which is pretty lengthy drive across the city and into Roodepoort. The criminals operating at this airport tend to follow their victims regardless of distance, and have even ended up as far afield as Centurion. Once the target is locked in, they stay on them.

Watch the OR Tambo robbery in Wilgeheuwel here:

Police to open an investigation

At 19:30 on Monday, a motorist pulls into a driveway. Stopping to open the property gates, the person behind the wheel – who had departed from OR Tambo – is suddenly blocked in by the arrival of a Toyota Corolla. The vehicle makes sure there is no escape route for the traveller, and three men get out of the car behind to intimidate their victim.

Both the driver and passenger-side doors are pulled open, as the group begin to ransack the motor. The getaway driver then repositions the car to help them flee the scene in rapid fashion. The ordeal comes to an end when the boot is popped, a suitcase is nicked, and the thieves speed away from the cul-de-sac.

It’s been confirmed that police are looking into leads that will trace the gang, as an investigation has been opened. However, law enforcement need to find a way to eliminate this type of robbery immediately. As it stands, people travelling from OR Tambo cannot be guaranteed a safe arrival at their final destination.