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Oops! Mbaks urges voters to register to vote for EFF

Awkward for days.

Mbalula quotes

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There’s a bit of a voter registration going on this weekend with political parties officially starting their drive to get people to vote ahead of the 2019 Elections.

You know how it goes. Except, sometimes, it goes wrong.

Don’t laugh too hard, guys. We’ve all been there. Autocomplete or autocorrect can be a real pain in the backside sometimes and that’s exactly what happened to Fikile Mbalula this week.

Now head of the  African National Congress (ANC)’s election machinery, Mbalula encouraged voters to register for opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Friday.

Julius Malema shared the oopsie on Twitter after Mbaks deleted it.

Mbaks said it was just a typo, but Twitter had no chill. Like we said, guys, don’t laugh, we’ve all been there.

Shem, this is why you always need to proofread your Tweets before hitting that send button. Especially if you’re the self-styled “Minister of Twitter”.

Mbaula was recently removed from Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet in his first reshuffle since being elected president. Mbalula also resigned as MP to take up the job of campaigning.

Mbalula has served as manager of the ANC Election campaign before, back in 2009.

He’s good buddies with Malema. Back in their ANC Youth League days, Mbaks supported the candidacy of Julius Malema to succeed him as head of the Youth League.

Back then, it was seen as a way to ensure that the Youth League stays loyal to now-sacked President Jacob Zuma.

We all know how that worked out in the end. But, swings and roundabouts in politics, eh?