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Omotoso trial: Mediclinic fires nurse for making disturbing comments against Cheryl Zondi

Mediclinic wasted no time in serving that karma.

cheryl zondi mediclinic

Twitter / Mediclinic

The whole nation has been drawn into the rape and trafficking trial of televangelist Timothy Omotoso and his co-accused, Zikhona Sitho and Lusanda Sulani.

Cheryl Zondi, the first witness to testify against the trio, has become an inspiration to the watching nation. Her mannerisms on the stand, taking defence attorney, Peter Daubermann’s tough — and at times, absolutely unacceptable — questions have shown how resilient and brave she is.

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Cheryl Zondi becomes the people’s inspiration

Her second day under cross-examination was a pain to watch since she was not able to maintain the same composure as she did on Tuesday.

This could be that, on Wednesday, she was compelled to revisit the night she enacted her escape plan. On social media, she has been trending, with many women and men showing their undivided support for her.

Not everyone was rooting for Zondi though. One person, in particular, stood out. thanks to her cringe rants about Zondi.

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Mediclinic fires its employee for derogatory comments on Zondi

Ivy Masuku was identified by a Twitter user, @uNdlunkulu_Xoli, as a nurse from a MediClinic centre in Pretoria. Masuku and Nompumelelo Sithole took turns at shaming the victims that Omotoso allegedly sexually assaulted.

On a Facebook post that must have been about the Omotoso trial, Sithole felt the need to express her thoughts on Zondi and the rest of the girls who have yet to testify against the pastor.

She referred to the victims of Omotoso’s alleged abuse in derogatory terms and claimed that in the end they still exchange their bodies for cash.

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“These girls [referring to Zondi] sell their bodies in silence and now they want to act like they were raped (translated from IsiZulu). Some of them still use their bodies in exchange [for] cash… be careful of them (translated from IsiZulu).” her comment read.

After the post went viral, with users tagging Mediclinic’s Twitter account handle in the comments, the healthcare company responded promptly with an official statement.

Mediclinic revealed that the nurse in question, Masuku, had been fired from her position and by the nursing agency.

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People described the two women’s behaviour as vile and appalling. Omotoso has not been judged as guilty but the empathy for Zondi surely should’ve been enough to move Sithole and Masuku. However, some people just aren’t mature enough to realise the emotional drainage a woman like Zondi goes through.