Louis Vuitton Lamb Mkhize

Photo: Dedani Mkhize / Twitter

LOOK: Zweli Mkhize’s son flaunts wealth – by giving his lamb a designer scarf

Have Digital Vibes paid for ‘Louis Mutton’ – or is it us, the taxpayer? The Mkhize family certainly know how to live life on the lamb…

Louis Vuitton Lamb Mkhize

Photo: Dedani Mkhize / Twitter

Mutton dressed at Vuitton? No modesty, just (Digital) vibes here. Dedani Mkhize, the son of disgraced former minister Zweli Mkhize, has been forced to delete a Tweet on Friday – after he was accused of flaunting his wealth.

Louis Mutton? Here’s how the Mkhize family have been spending their cash

Both Dedani and his father are accused of benefiting illegally from a dodgy government contract hammered out with communications experts Digital Vibes. Both have been implicated in various investigations, and although the Mkhizes plan to challenge the findings from the SIU report, the writing is on the wall for the pair.

The post in question was published last week, but started gaining some attention online in the past 24 hours. In a stunning display of no self-awareness, Dedani gave us a look at life on his farm – a charming patch of land where the livestock has acres to roam around – and the lambs wear designer Louis Vuitton scarves.

Oh, how we wish we were joking…

Lamb Louis Vuitton Mkhize
Here is the offending Tweet. Not a bad way to spend the money you’ve allegedly stolen from the state, we guess – Photo: Dedani Mkhize

Digital Vibes, Louis Vuitton, and a Twitter storm

Zweli Mkhize lost his job over the recent corruption scandal – and Dedani is alleged to have used his ill-gotten funds to start up a hairdressing business in Pietermaritzburg. However, this latest incident had social media users bleating.

The heat was cranked up on Mkhize Jnr earlier today, as several prominent Twitter accounts – including one belonging to investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh – reacted with both shock and bemusement to this bit of ‘lamb fashion’.

Louis Vuitton lamb Zweli Mkhize
No disrespect to the lamb, by the way. He looks lovely… [Photo: Twitter]