julius malema @AdvBarryRoux

Twitter / Julius Malema

Fake Rouxs: Julius Malema staunchly defends one of his favourite Tweeters

One of the most popular Twitter accounts in South Africa – @AdvBarryRoux – has received fierce backing from EFF leader Julius Malema.

julius malema @AdvBarryRoux

Twitter / Julius Malema

If you’re a South African social media user, chances are you’ve come across something posted by the half-parody, half-factual account of @AdvBarryRoux. The self-proclaimed “CIC of Black Twitter” has a plethora of supporters, the most famous of which is EFF leader Julius Malema.

Who is @AdvBarryRoux?

However, the man behind the account – named after the advocate who defended Oscar Pistorius during his trial – has allegedly been unmasked during a News24 fact-finding mission. They believe 27-year-old Zambian citizen Csho “Shepard” Chilala is behind the hi-jinx.

@AdvBarryRoux is popular for political commentary, SA-centric memes and lifting the lid on a few scandals in government here and there. It does have to be stressed that, despite posting factual information much of the time, the site also exists as a parody. This blurred identity has lead to media giants looking for answers.

Julius Malema chips in

“Roux”, or allegedly Chilala, may split people online, but he’s got Juju fighting his corner. Malema took to his own Twitter account on Friday to share his opinions on the so-called controversy. Needless to say, he went in all guns blazing and believed that the “unmasking” was part of a Stratcom plot:

Fake Roux says it’s fake news

It’s nice to have friends in high places, hey? Shortly after the exposé on @AdvBarryRoux was published, the person behind the account was quick to rubbish the rumours that he was Mr Chilela.

In fact, #HandsOffBarryRoux has been a trending topic on the site for most of the day: We’re telling you, this kid’s got some clout. We’re going to do the right thing, and leave the last word with Roux, who has already dismissed the reports as “fake news”. This debate is as 21st-century as it gets: