zozibini tunzi

Photo: @zozitunzi / TW

Zozibini Tunzi: Tweeps warned to stop following this fake Twitter account

Zozibini Tunzi does not manage two Twitter accounts and fans can’t seem to make the distinction between real and fake.

zozibini tunzi

Photo: @zozitunzi / TW

People searching for newly-crowned Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, have been left bemused by the presence of two Twitter accounts claiming to be the same person.

Zozibini Tunzi on Twitter: Which account should you avoid

It is often common for celebrities to have parody accounts managed by fans. However, these usually have a disclaimer attached to the biography of the account profile which states that the views expressed on the platform do no represent those of the actual person.

The lines get crossed when a user impersonates another person, assuming the online identity of the celebrity. This is what has happened with Zozibini Tunzi, moments after she was crowned Miss Universe.

Social media exploded with congratulatory messages for the South African queen and naturally, the surge to the top of the global trends list meant that she was experiencing a surge in followers.

However, people were confused after a Twitter account, @ZozibiniTunzi, popped up claiming to be the Miss Universe winner.

Some folks soon caught on to the sham but since the account was created this morning, it has garnered more than 4 000 followers — and the numbers keep rising.

This is the real Twitter account belonging to Zozibini Tunzi. The Miss Universe winner has only published one tweet since her crowning.

Notice that the real Zozibini Tunzi’s Twitter handle is made up of her first name, shortened, and her last. Tweeps have since been advised to rather interact with Miss Universe on her @zozitunzi page.

Everything that was posted by the fake account does not come from the pageant queen and users have been warned to avoid interacting and following @ZozibiniTunzi.